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We stock Ceramic Capacitors

We carry ceramic capacitors for all your DIY Projects in a variety of capacitances. Small ceramic capacitors with a 2 digit code indicate the value in pF. As values rise the capacitors carry a three digit code. Capacitors can be measured in uF – microfarads, nF – nanofarads, or pF – picofarads. 1 uF = 1000 nF and 1 nF = 1000 pF. This means that 1 uF = 1,000,000 pF. These capacitors are fixed value. They are made by alternating layers of ceramic dielectric material with the electrodes.

Capacitor Code Calculation Chart — This chart shows each capacitors value in uF, nF and pF as well as the capacitor code. The capacitors we currently stock are highlighted in yellow. If you are looking for a specific value not in stock please use our contact form and we will order it for you.

This is a capacitor codes chart. It shows the three digit codes and their values in pF nF and uF.

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